Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's all about Friendship

Someone who understands me, 

And knows me inside out.
And helps keep me together, 
And believes without a doubt, 

That I could move a mountain:
Someone to tell it to.
If I had only one friend left, 
I'd want it to be you.

Sounds familiar? Well, it is because it was taken from the lyrics of One Friend by Dan Seals. But do we all know what a friend is? What friendship is all about?

Friendship knows no age, no race, no religion and no status in life. Friendship exists everywhere. It is not limited on your batch mates, workmates, schoolmates or acquaintances. There is friendship in any relationship. We have a friendship with God, with our parents, with our siblings, with our lovers, with our relatives, and with anyone who is a part of our lives. A friend is not just someone who is there in times of happiness and sorrow. Making friends is not just for the sake of wide social networks. It disregards the true essence of friendship. To be a called a friend is both a privilege and an obligation.

A Friend...

..Trusts you completely. No doubts. No questions. No lies and pretension.

..Loves you with all his heart. With everything he have. Loves you unconditionally.

..Tells you everything you need to know. May it be a good thing or a bad thing. He never let anyone make a fun of you and he will be the first one to update you with everything concerning you.

..Never let anyone hurt you. In any aspect. May it be emotionally or physically. He will be your fortress.

..Never allow anyone judge you meanly. He knows you so well and always see the good side of you.

..Gets mad and angry with you at times when you've done something offensive or something that can hurt you. He knows when you should be reprimanded for your actions but still love you after everything you've done.

..Tells you everything because he knows he will never be judged. just understood.. No secrets.

..Helps you in any situation. He never fails to let you know how important you are to him.

..Never hurts you. Knows what can break your heart, is capable of breaking it but will never attempt to let tears roll down your cheeks because seeing you hurt, breaks his heart into a thousand pieces.

..Never let you feel you alone. He always makes his presence be felt. In numerous ways.

..Never let you down. He is someone you can count on.

..Helps you strive to be better at all times and circumstances. He is never jealous of your achievements, rather, happier than you can be.

..Believes in you. He knows that you can do anything. He will motivate you and support you all the way.

..Accepts everything about you. No matter how crazy, how stubborn and how impossible you can be, he still has countless reasons to still love you.

A definition of a friend is endless. It depends on the person giving meaning to it. But these are how I describe and perceive a true friend. Friendship is tested by distance, differences, issues and misunderstandings, but when a friendship withstand all of these, it turns out to be at its strongest. As preached by Pastor Bernie in one of our Bible Study sessions, a friend is someone who you can trust with whoever you are and with everything you have because you know that he will take care of you. What is important to you will always be important to him.

Be a friend to everyone. To anyone you meet. Make friends with everyone in your world, in your life. You really don't need so many friends. A few is fine. Because to have a real friend, even just one, is enough for you to be able to appreciate life and face the world with ease and confidence, Life is not easy, it is meant to be difficult and mysterious, but having someone with you in your journey through life, will make everything, if not easy, possible and happier. :)

And I am proud to say, I may not be the best-est friend one can ever have, but I am very blessed to have real friends in my life. We may sometimes have misunderstanding, fights and arguments, but there will always be ''US'', longer than the end of time. :)