Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga: An Addiction or a Lesson?

One of the most popular games today is the candy crush saga. It can be played in the computer via Facebook or it can be downloaded on compatible gadgets. It is played by matching 3 or more candies of the same kind and accomplishing missions on each level. It might look the same with games such as Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma etc. but this game develops your cognitive skills. But why does it become an addicting game for users of all ages?

Candy Crush Saga offers a variety of levels that have goals and missions one needs to complete in order to advance to the next stage. It also has more than 300 levels to play with. Nowadays, people are more competitive which makes this game so popular. One wants to be on the top of another and so the game continues. But is Candy Crush Saga just a game or can it be applied to real life? Here is a list of some of the lessons I personally learned while playing this game. (I admit of being a Candy Crush addict :P)

1. Be PATIENT. One of the twists of this game is that you only have 5 lives and when you lose all of it, you need to wait for 30 minutes to gain a life (and that would be 2 1/2 hours all in all to have a full set of lives again). Or, you can always ask your friends to give you a life but then, you still need to WAIT.

2. Think first before you make a move. You only have a limited number of moves, (on some levels where time is really not vital) so in this game, A MOVE is gold. :) Same with  reality, think first or think twice before deciding, so you don't have to regret anything :)

3. Sometimes, it's all LUCK. You are randomly given a board and you are lucky if you are given a good board. A board where with just a few moves, almost everything explodes. :) In life, you get to be lucky on some things. but not all the time. :) 

4. Chocolates, Spinning chocolate makers, Chains, Icings are all obstacles in the game. But this is what makes it more interesting. :) Life is not always easy. There will be challenges and obstacles that seem to eat you all up but then you need to be strong to overcome them and win the game :) take note: Chocolates are really a bad thing for your health right? :)

5. NEVER give up. Even if you think it is impossible for you to surpass a level, remember, if your friends passed the level, then why can't you? It is just a matter of perseverance and right time. Everything will fall into place.. at the right moment :)

6. HELP a friend. This game signifies a give-and-take relationship. So don't be so lazy and selfish sending lives and responding to your friend's requests, because you will also need their help sooner or later. ( Except, when you are willing to spend a penny on this game) :)

7. The game is never FAIR . You can't accomplish everything at once. But that is the fun part. It entertains you and at the same time frustrates you. Same with life. Not everything will go your way. There will be times when you will fall and there will be times when you will succeed. But that is the mystery of life. You never know what will happen next. :) And that is what makes you going. :)

Hope you learned some pieces of advice from this addicting game. Not only is it an ordinary cyber junk but a game full of twists, lessons and skills that can also be applied in our everyday life. :)