Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Girl

I am thinking really hard of what my first topic would be. Should I make a list of to-do or to brings, or even to go stuffs? Or should I already make an article about everything I believed in, and let others see them in my point-of-view? But waking up today, looking at the mirror and seeing myself with those sleepy eyes, messy hair and in matching pajamas, i get to think, why don't I share who I really am. It will also be a fun way for me to see myself in black and white. And so as a beginning, I want to let everyone have a glimpse of me. Of who I really am and what I am made of. All those stuffs. More than what just meets the eye. More than the photos I posted and the statuses I made. Very few knows me really well.. and most, judged me on what they hear and what they see. Well, here are some pieces of me. :)

1. I am a BELIEVER. I love God. I go to church every Sunday with my family. I also started joining Bible study sessions once a week to develop the spiritual aspect of myself. I always talk to Him through prayers and I know He is the only one who will never leave me.

2. I am FAMILY ORIENTED. I am the eldest in the brood of five. I usually attend gatherings and events with my family. Our family always eat together and shares experiences and thoughts over meals. I always think of my family first before making any decision. I love my family very dearly.

2. I am CHEERFUL. I love smiles and I love making others laugh. I am fond of telling jokes, funny stories or sometimes, making those bizarre moves that only I can make. I love imitating other people's mannerism and I also love doing the latest dance crazes and making them funnier.

3. I am SENSITIVE. Little things affect me. Some things can really make me upset or angry. I can feel bad on some situations wherein I think that others blame me for it. I hate it when I know that people are talking about me behind my back which makes me mad and I sometimes tend to ignore them when that happens. And I can really be irrational and times.

4. I am OUTSPOKEN. I say what is on my mind. I am very straight forward. I don't care what people think about me. I say what I think is right and I am not responsible for how people understand my words. I have my own opinion on some things and I really do everything to convince people to believe me or be on my side. I love debates where I can  share my thoughts about different things and issues.

5. I am DETERMINED. I go after what I want. I search for ways to achieve my goals and do everything to make it happen. I have dreams and I am very eager to make them all come true soon.

The top list shows my general attitude in life. While the list that will follow will just show some random facts about me. :)

1. I love food! especially those eat-all-you-can food chains. :)
2. I have a video of me doing the gwiyomi song! >.<
3. I made a video of me lip sync-ing and acting the song "Call Me Maybe" but was too afraid to upload it. haha.
4. I dream of being a beauty queen someday and sometimes act as if I am a candidate. yikes!
5. I am an aspiring singer and a videoke queen! (not because my scores are high but because they can't take the mic when I get a hold on it :P)
6. I love dancing and going to parties.
7. I get jealous easily because I don't want to lose the persons I love.
8. I can sleep for a full 16 hours. zzZZz
9. I am a swimmer. My papa taught me when I was young. :)
10. I am an aspiring make up artist and I love making other people pretty.
11. I love to travel to different places and meet other people.
12. I usually make calls when I am too lazy to text.
13. I love taking photos of almost everything new I see.
14. I can be very "makulit" and very sensitive at times.
15. I have an online shop named "all about you". Check it out!
16. I love conversations. I can almost talk about anything under the sun!
17. I've been driving for 3 years now :)
18. I wish to have a Do-Nothing-Day.
19. I like doing things I see in the net.
20. I love deeply. When I choose him, it is only him. :)

My characteristics as I listed them, may be quirky and weird for someone like me. Some perceived me as a quiet lass but not everything you see, is what you really get. :)