Friday, October 28, 2016

Are you afraid of the dark?

Are you afraid of the dark? 
Do horror movies freak you out?
Is the idea of having an open third eye scares you?
Do you believe in ghosts, and other supernatural beings?

My answer to all of these would be a big YES. I rarely watch horror movies because I can't bear the thought of just sitting in the moviehouse, helpless, while the goal of the movie is to make you scream and almost die with fear!

(Image from Flicker)
Most of us, if not everyone, could relate on the questions and scenario above. While some may be brave, and others seem to be fearful in a sense, (and I honestly admit that I belong to the latter group), we have our own beliefs. Maybe we are scared because of past experiences, wild imagination, hearsays from other people, or maybe, just maybe, a lack of faith.

Someone once asked me, why am I so frightened of horror movies? Why am I afraid of ghosts, dead people, 'aswangs' and the like. I answered promptly, because I am afraid I might dream of them, or see them on random places or they might harm me. And she said, 'don't you believe that our God is more powerful than any scary creatures here on earth?'. I don't understand her that time, but now I do.

Faith, as defined by Webster, is a strong belief in the existence of God.

Nobody, and nothing could ever hurt us, or scare us, if we have this unbreakable faith to God. If we have the time to be scared or be fearful of the unknown and unseen, then we are giving them the power to rule over our minds and bodies. If the energy wasted on this scary things would be shifted to believing our God, it can help us be more courageous and be at peace.  

If you feel the same way as I do, now is the time to check on our faith. Do we really have faith on our God? Or are we saying this because we think that praying, going to church every Sunday or talking about Him to others already denotes a strong faith? If we really have faith, why can't we trust Him that He is always with us? That He can protect us from anything? Approaching the long weekend, this is our time to reflect.

Our God is bigger than anything in this world, and if He is with us, no one could ever harm us. Trust that thinking. Trust Him. 🙏🏻

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Love, Jane Vashner :)