Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paint your lips: Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream

Everyone is going gaga over this new lip craze! Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream is the newest brand of lip cream that last for as long as 24 hours. It comes in two(2) different series: old and new. It comes in different shades, from pinks, to red, to browns and oranges.

 I've bought almost all of the shades and tried it. And I'm satisfied with the result! My mom and my sister also tried it and they are also happy with the result. At first, it is quite a different feel because I'm not really used on wearing lipsticks and this is so new to me. But it surpasses all my expectation for a lip cream. But as a product, it also has its pros and cons.


  • Colorful shades- This line of lip creams have so many shades to choose from. 24 shades to be exact. You can choose any shade you want depending on your mood and attire. :)
  • Long lasting - This lip cream really lasts for 24 hours! You can wear it on any occasion without worrying of the need in reapplication.
  • Cheap - This lip cream costs only 50-80 pesos. And may cost less when you buy it by box or in bulk.
  • Stain Proof - It doesn't stain your skin, or your clothes. And it dries up easily! So no need to worry about the stains. :)
  • Cute Packaging - It has a very distinct container that can easily stand out and fits in your kikay kit. 
  • Easy application - It has an applicator that you can easily control and glide into your lips.
  • No weird taste and smell - It explains everything. :)

  • Picky colors - Not all shades fit every lady. It depends on one's lips and skin color. And some shades tend to be so loud.
  • Hard to remove - At first, it took me forever to remove it. My lips even looked swollen after attempts of removing it. But I discovered that you need to put lip balm over the lip cream then remove it with a tissue paper. Try it!
  • Looks dry - Of course its matte! but then, with wrong application, it may look like poster paint all over your lips. Not suitable for dry, flaky lips. Keep lips moisturized and hydrated before application.
  • Unknown contents - There is no list of ingredients or contents written on the tube. So you really don't know what it is made of.
The pros and cons are listed and it is now up to you to try. But if you'll ask me, give this lip cream a chance and you might find your perfect lipmate! Just what happened with me.If you're afraid of its contents, you may want to avoid using it almost everyday. Anyway, all that is too much is harmful :) But weighing the pros and cons, I rate this lip cream 4 out of 5 stars!
This is me with one of my favorite shades: 510-violet

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