Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paint your lips: Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream

Everyone is going gaga over this new lip craze! Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream is the newest brand of lip cream that last for as long as 24 hours. It comes in two(2) different series: old and new. It comes in different shades, from pinks, to red, to browns and oranges.

 I've bought almost all of the shades and tried it. And I'm satisfied with the result! My mom and my sister also tried it and they are also happy with the result. At first, it is quite a different feel because I'm not really used on wearing lipsticks and this is so new to me. But it surpasses all my expectation for a lip cream. But as a product, it also has its pros and cons.


  • Colorful shades- This line of lip creams have so many shades to choose from. 24 shades to be exact. You can choose any shade you want depending on your mood and attire. :)
  • Long lasting - This lip cream really lasts for 24 hours! You can wear it on any occasion without worrying of the need in reapplication.
  • Cheap - This lip cream costs only 50-80 pesos. And may cost less when you buy it by box or in bulk.
  • Stain Proof - It doesn't stain your skin, or your clothes. And it dries up easily! So no need to worry about the stains. :)
  • Cute Packaging - It has a very distinct container that can easily stand out and fits in your kikay kit. 
  • Easy application - It has an applicator that you can easily control and glide into your lips.
  • No weird taste and smell - It explains everything. :)

  • Picky colors - Not all shades fit every lady. It depends on one's lips and skin color. And some shades tend to be so loud.
  • Hard to remove - At first, it took me forever to remove it. My lips even looked swollen after attempts of removing it. But I discovered that you need to put lip balm over the lip cream then remove it with a tissue paper. Try it!
  • Looks dry - Of course its matte! but then, with wrong application, it may look like poster paint all over your lips. Not suitable for dry, flaky lips. Keep lips moisturized and hydrated before application.
  • Unknown contents - There is no list of ingredients or contents written on the tube. So you really don't know what it is made of.
The pros and cons are listed and it is now up to you to try. But if you'll ask me, give this lip cream a chance and you might find your perfect lipmate! Just what happened with me.If you're afraid of its contents, you may want to avoid using it almost everyday. Anyway, all that is too much is harmful :) But weighing the pros and cons, I rate this lip cream 4 out of 5 stars!
This is me with one of my favorite shades: 510-violet

I am an online seller with an online shop that sells this lip creams. You can check them here with some other cool stuffs too! :)

Silver Birthday: A Thank you letter :)

25 years of happiness.
25 years of survival.
25 years of existence.

Silver birthday! I'm on the 1/4 of my life's journey. (If i'll reach 100. :D )
Candles, Sumptuous meals, family, friends, church, cakes and gifts will always be a part of this special celebration. A birthday is a special mark for a person because it shows that you've survived another year. Celebrating birthdays is already a tradition for almost all people (except those with other religious views), a moment of joy shared with families, friends and loved ones. As for me, I chose to celebrate my birthday by going to church to thank God for all the blessings, may it be in a form of challenges, pain or opportunities. Then be with the people who brought me here on earth, families and loved ones in a simple family gathering.

Of course, each of our birthdays has its origin. The date of our actual birth.
Here are some facts about me:
- I was born on June 22, 1988, making me a Dragon Lady ;)
-I was delivered via normal vaginal delivery at exactly 7:30 pm.
-I was born at the Medical City, Mandaluyong Metro Manila
-My parents told me that my name is Jane because I was born on June. haha. nice! they don't need to search too far for a name. :)
-I weighed 2.65 kgs. upon delivery :) (see? i'm not that heavy. :P)

This post might be a little late for my real birthday but i know it will never be too late for me to thank everyone that became a part of my 25 years here on earth, may they still be existing in my world today or not. :)

To God, thank you! You know what I feel and what I need. What I desire and what I'm going through. Thank you for all the blessings. I will always love you.

To my family, relatives, especially my parents, thank you so much for everything. For bringing me here on earth and letting me see the world. For patiently teaching me everything and for never leaving my side. For always being patient and for loving me when I''m not so lovable.  And to my siblings, thank you for always being there. Through good times, down and gloomy moments, thank you. We may have small arguments but my love for you will never fade.

To my friends, colleagues, and co-workers, thank you for all the greetings! For never forgetting our friendship even if we are miles apart. Thank you for making me laugh during unbearable times, for always listening to my endless stories and for always being a constant companion in any situation.

To my mentors, supervisors and leaders, thank you for remembering me! For teaching me everything i need to know about the world from the books and on the job training.

To my acquaintances, schoolmates and batchmates, thank you! Your greetings will always remind me of your presence in my life.

To everyone who didn't make it to my present, still, thank you! For all the memories and lessons you've taught me. Because of you I've grown stronger and more appreciative of all the other things I have in my life. Thank you for being a part of my life and for being a part of who I am today.

To my love, thank you for everything! For coming in my life not when my life is so miserable but by coming just in time when I''m slowly putting my world together. Thank you for always listening and for tolerating all my shallow and stupid actions and attitude. I love you always.

To everyone concerned or not, thank you thank you! it is very overwhelming to know that I passed by your mind, and you took up just a little of your time to greet me. Thank you! :)

This post is a thank you note for everyone. I may not be able to mention all of you one by one but you know in your hearts and in your minds that I am very grateful to have you all in my life. May we have more years together and more birthdays to celebrate with all of you. Cheers! :)

*Birthday photos and outfit will be posted soon. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modern Wedding Songs..

Do I hear wedding bells? Oh yes.. It's June again! My birth month! :) And it is that time of the year where couples decide to finally tie that knot! But then, why June? Here's a little fact.  It was said that this is to honor JUNO, the Roman god of marriage. June brides were said to be the luckiest, prettiest and will have a happily ever after. Nice thought right? But before the wedding day, there will be so many things that you need to think of as a couple. The church, guests, venue, food, the list is endless! But what I would like to suggest to every couple out there are some of the modern wedding songs that will add a romantic vibe in their wedding and fill the air with overflowing love that only music can express.

Photo courtesy by Jun Estacio Photo (www.junestaciophoto.com)

Here is my top 20 list of wedding songs that will help you express yourself more and will also take you down the memory lane along with all the memories of your soon to be, better half :)

1. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
2. Marry You - Bruno Mars
3. You and Me - Lifehouse
4. Perfect Two- Auburn
5. On This Day - David Pomeranz
6. Marry Me - Train
7. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
8. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
9. Looking Through The Eyes of Love - Melissa Manchester
10. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
11. What Makes You Beautiful - One direction
12. God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
13.  Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
14. Make You Me Feel My Love - Adele
15. Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler
16. Today My Life Begins - Bruno Mars
17. Everything I Do - Bryan Adams
18. At Last - Etta James
19. First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes
20. Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

Tadaaa! That's it! Hope it helps! And don't forget to categorize them accordingly depending on the part of the ceremony. Whether it's for walking down the aisle, Father-daughter dance, Couple's first dance etc. But don't be afraid to mix and play! Anyway, it is your day! You should just enjoy and dance the night (or day?) away! Have fun and Best wishes! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now Playing..

Music is part of my life. I listen and search for songs appropriate for my feelings at the moment or on what I am going through. I love dancing to upbeat songs and sometimes cries to heart breaking music. :( I look into the lyrics of each song and see if it fits my emotions and views. But what catches me the most is the title of the song, because just like any book, there is a story behind every title. I've been listening to love songs nowadays, and I've been putting myself into it. It feels like the music searches my very soul. So I am letting you know my top 5 songs playing endlessly in my Ipod. Comes with it are my favorite lines in the song. Enjoy! :)

1. THE DISTANCE - Evan and Jaron

I can't take the distance 

I can't take the miles 
I can't take the time 'til I next see you smile 
I can't take the distance 
And I'm not ashamed 
That with every breath I'll take 

I'm callin' your name

Long distance relationships are hard. They are almost impossible. Some give up while very few make it to the very end. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but it sometimes make the mind forget. But remember, one day, you two will be together again. And the feeling will make you forget that you've ever been away.

2. FIRST TIME - Lifehouse
Lookin' at you
Holdin' my breath
For once in my life
I'm scared to death
I'm takin' a chance
Letting you inside

To love is again is like falling in love  for the first time. It is scary, it is a risk. You never know what will happen. But love is beautiful. It is worth taking a try.  First times are good. First times are unexpected. And again, I'm ready for my first time. :)

3. WHITE DRESS - Ben Rector
I never knew 
that I could love someone
The way that I love you
I never knew
that I could love someone
the way that I love you

A very beautiful wedding. And soon, I am thinking of putting it in my wedding song list. A white dress, something that every girl dreams of, will always be a symbol of  unending love and partnership. I will, in the future, will put on this white dress while this song plays in the background. :)

4. BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD - Rascal Flatts

I think about the years I spent, just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there, you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Each of us, experienced the aches of a broken heart. But with a glimpse of a better tomorrow, a better love, will make us forget the pain we once had. God have better plans for us, much greater than anything we dream of. And He will guide us to the arms of our destined half. :)


I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends
Of the earth for you
To make you feel my love

We should know the art of giving, without expecting anything in return. When we have someone to love, we should never be afraid to show them our affection and how thankful we are for being a part of their life. We should never let them doubt our love for them, hence, they should feel secure that no one will ever take their place into our hearts and minds. :) 

That's it for my list! Hope you'll take time to listen to them because they really have good messages. :) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's all about Friendship

Someone who understands me, 

And knows me inside out.
And helps keep me together, 
And believes without a doubt, 

That I could move a mountain:
Someone to tell it to.
If I had only one friend left, 
I'd want it to be you.

Sounds familiar? Well, it is because it was taken from the lyrics of One Friend by Dan Seals. But do we all know what a friend is? What friendship is all about?

Friendship knows no age, no race, no religion and no status in life. Friendship exists everywhere. It is not limited on your batch mates, workmates, schoolmates or acquaintances. There is friendship in any relationship. We have a friendship with God, with our parents, with our siblings, with our lovers, with our relatives, and with anyone who is a part of our lives. A friend is not just someone who is there in times of happiness and sorrow. Making friends is not just for the sake of wide social networks. It disregards the true essence of friendship. To be a called a friend is both a privilege and an obligation.

A Friend...

..Trusts you completely. No doubts. No questions. No lies and pretension.

..Loves you with all his heart. With everything he have. Loves you unconditionally.

..Tells you everything you need to know. May it be a good thing or a bad thing. He never let anyone make a fun of you and he will be the first one to update you with everything concerning you.

..Never let anyone hurt you. In any aspect. May it be emotionally or physically. He will be your fortress.

..Never allow anyone judge you meanly. He knows you so well and always see the good side of you.

..Gets mad and angry with you at times when you've done something offensive or something that can hurt you. He knows when you should be reprimanded for your actions but still love you after everything you've done.

..Tells you everything because he knows he will never be judged. just understood.. No secrets.

..Helps you in any situation. He never fails to let you know how important you are to him.

..Never hurts you. Knows what can break your heart, is capable of breaking it but will never attempt to let tears roll down your cheeks because seeing you hurt, breaks his heart into a thousand pieces.

..Never let you feel you alone. He always makes his presence be felt. In numerous ways.

..Never let you down. He is someone you can count on.

..Helps you strive to be better at all times and circumstances. He is never jealous of your achievements, rather, happier than you can be.

..Believes in you. He knows that you can do anything. He will motivate you and support you all the way.

..Accepts everything about you. No matter how crazy, how stubborn and how impossible you can be, he still has countless reasons to still love you.

A definition of a friend is endless. It depends on the person giving meaning to it. But these are how I describe and perceive a true friend. Friendship is tested by distance, differences, issues and misunderstandings, but when a friendship withstand all of these, it turns out to be at its strongest. As preached by Pastor Bernie in one of our Bible Study sessions, a friend is someone who you can trust with whoever you are and with everything you have because you know that he will take care of you. What is important to you will always be important to him.

Be a friend to everyone. To anyone you meet. Make friends with everyone in your world, in your life. You really don't need so many friends. A few is fine. Because to have a real friend, even just one, is enough for you to be able to appreciate life and face the world with ease and confidence, Life is not easy, it is meant to be difficult and mysterious, but having someone with you in your journey through life, will make everything, if not easy, possible and happier. :)

And I am proud to say, I may not be the best-est friend one can ever have, but I am very blessed to have real friends in my life. We may sometimes have misunderstanding, fights and arguments, but there will always be ''US'', longer than the end of time. :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga: An Addiction or a Lesson?

One of the most popular games today is the candy crush saga. It can be played in the computer via Facebook or it can be downloaded on compatible gadgets. It is played by matching 3 or more candies of the same kind and accomplishing missions on each level. It might look the same with games such as Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma etc. but this game develops your cognitive skills. But why does it become an addicting game for users of all ages?

Candy Crush Saga offers a variety of levels that have goals and missions one needs to complete in order to advance to the next stage. It also has more than 300 levels to play with. Nowadays, people are more competitive which makes this game so popular. One wants to be on the top of another and so the game continues. But is Candy Crush Saga just a game or can it be applied to real life? Here is a list of some of the lessons I personally learned while playing this game. (I admit of being a Candy Crush addict :P)

1. Be PATIENT. One of the twists of this game is that you only have 5 lives and when you lose all of it, you need to wait for 30 minutes to gain a life (and that would be 2 1/2 hours all in all to have a full set of lives again). Or, you can always ask your friends to give you a life but then, you still need to WAIT.

2. Think first before you make a move. You only have a limited number of moves, (on some levels where time is really not vital) so in this game, A MOVE is gold. :) Same with  reality, think first or think twice before deciding, so you don't have to regret anything :)

3. Sometimes, it's all LUCK. You are randomly given a board and you are lucky if you are given a good board. A board where with just a few moves, almost everything explodes. :) In life, you get to be lucky on some things. but not all the time. :) 

4. Chocolates, Spinning chocolate makers, Chains, Icings are all obstacles in the game. But this is what makes it more interesting. :) Life is not always easy. There will be challenges and obstacles that seem to eat you all up but then you need to be strong to overcome them and win the game :) take note: Chocolates are really a bad thing for your health right? :)

5. NEVER give up. Even if you think it is impossible for you to surpass a level, remember, if your friends passed the level, then why can't you? It is just a matter of perseverance and right time. Everything will fall into place.. at the right moment :)

6. HELP a friend. This game signifies a give-and-take relationship. So don't be so lazy and selfish sending lives and responding to your friend's requests, because you will also need their help sooner or later. ( Except, when you are willing to spend a penny on this game) :)

7. The game is never FAIR . You can't accomplish everything at once. But that is the fun part. It entertains you and at the same time frustrates you. Same with life. Not everything will go your way. There will be times when you will fall and there will be times when you will succeed. But that is the mystery of life. You never know what will happen next. :) And that is what makes you going. :)

Hope you learned some pieces of advice from this addicting game. Not only is it an ordinary cyber junk but a game full of twists, lessons and skills that can also be applied in our everyday life. :)

Not Your Ordinary Girl

I am thinking really hard of what my first topic would be. Should I make a list of to-do or to brings, or even to go stuffs? Or should I already make an article about everything I believed in, and let others see them in my point-of-view? But waking up today, looking at the mirror and seeing myself with those sleepy eyes, messy hair and in matching pajamas, i get to think, why don't I share who I really am. It will also be a fun way for me to see myself in black and white. And so as a beginning, I want to let everyone have a glimpse of me. Of who I really am and what I am made of. All those stuffs. More than what just meets the eye. More than the photos I posted and the statuses I made. Very few knows me really well.. and most, judged me on what they hear and what they see. Well, here are some pieces of me. :)

1. I am a BELIEVER. I love God. I go to church every Sunday with my family. I also started joining Bible study sessions once a week to develop the spiritual aspect of myself. I always talk to Him through prayers and I know He is the only one who will never leave me.

2. I am FAMILY ORIENTED. I am the eldest in the brood of five. I usually attend gatherings and events with my family. Our family always eat together and shares experiences and thoughts over meals. I always think of my family first before making any decision. I love my family very dearly.

2. I am CHEERFUL. I love smiles and I love making others laugh. I am fond of telling jokes, funny stories or sometimes, making those bizarre moves that only I can make. I love imitating other people's mannerism and I also love doing the latest dance crazes and making them funnier.

3. I am SENSITIVE. Little things affect me. Some things can really make me upset or angry. I can feel bad on some situations wherein I think that others blame me for it. I hate it when I know that people are talking about me behind my back which makes me mad and I sometimes tend to ignore them when that happens. And I can really be irrational and times.

4. I am OUTSPOKEN. I say what is on my mind. I am very straight forward. I don't care what people think about me. I say what I think is right and I am not responsible for how people understand my words. I have my own opinion on some things and I really do everything to convince people to believe me or be on my side. I love debates where I can  share my thoughts about different things and issues.

5. I am DETERMINED. I go after what I want. I search for ways to achieve my goals and do everything to make it happen. I have dreams and I am very eager to make them all come true soon.

The top list shows my general attitude in life. While the list that will follow will just show some random facts about me. :)

1. I love food! especially those eat-all-you-can food chains. :)
2. I have a video of me doing the gwiyomi song! >.<
3. I made a video of me lip sync-ing and acting the song "Call Me Maybe" but was too afraid to upload it. haha.
4. I dream of being a beauty queen someday and sometimes act as if I am a candidate. yikes!
5. I am an aspiring singer and a videoke queen! (not because my scores are high but because they can't take the mic when I get a hold on it :P)
6. I love dancing and going to parties.
7. I get jealous easily because I don't want to lose the persons I love.
8. I can sleep for a full 16 hours. zzZZz
9. I am a swimmer. My papa taught me when I was young. :)
10. I am an aspiring make up artist and I love making other people pretty.
11. I love to travel to different places and meet other people.
12. I usually make calls when I am too lazy to text.
13. I love taking photos of almost everything new I see.
14. I can be very "makulit" and very sensitive at times.
15. I have an online shop named "all about you". Check it out! www.facebook.com/allaboutyoubyvash
16. I love conversations. I can almost talk about anything under the sun!
17. I've been driving for 3 years now :)
18. I wish to have a Do-Nothing-Day.
19. I like doing things I see in the net.
20. I love deeply. When I choose him, it is only him. :)

My characteristics as I listed them, may be quirky and weird for someone like me. Some perceived me as a quiet lass but not everything you see, is what you really get. :)