Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's in a name?

"Happiness is.. having a unique name." :)

Our names are one of the few things that we can call ours. It somehow defines us, and helps us be known in this world full of different people. To have a name is to have an identity. An identity that no one could ever duplicate.

I am born having, I can say, a very unique name. My full name is Jane Vashner L. Bayot. As far as I can remember, people would often find my second name "Vashner" cute, weird, different and unique. Some even thought that I am of different nationality. What a lovely compliment! Maybe I look like a foreigner? haha. Kidding! In our family, me and my siblings have "Vashner" as our second names, regardless of our gender. So whenever we are walking and friends will call us "Vashner", we will all look on their direction! Funny, but just too cute! :)

So for today, I would like to share the story behind our controversial second name. My beloved parents were the ones responsible for it. No influence of anybody. They said that "Vashner" was derived from their nicknames. My Dad's nickname is Vher while my mom's is San. I don't know if it's a joke but they said they put all the letters of their nicknames in a jar and when they poured the contents on a table, it formed the word "Vashner". And that's it! Amazing! hahaha.

Behind every name is a story to tell; short or long, funny or historical. No matter how common you think your name is, there is always a reason on why it was given to you. Our name is our brand. At first it might be small, unnoticed or even unknown, but as we go out and face the world, we are given the chance to make it big! We are in control on how people will perceive us. On how people will remember our names. On how people will say our names to others.

We only have one name, own it. Love it. Live with it. :)

And that's the story of my name. How  about yours? :)

Love, Jane Vashner :)